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Welcome to Frugalicious®

Track Your Account Online

For your convenience, you may access your Consignor account online.  Please visit www.myresaleweb.com or click below and log in with your consignor ID and last name.  You will be able to keep track of when your items go on our sales floor, how they are priced, when they are sold, when they will expire, and most importantly, how much money you have made! 


How to Sign Up

  • Select your IN-STYLE clothing. *Please check ahead by calling the store to see what we are currently accepting*
  • All items must be in excellent, like-new condition and IN SEASON.
  • All items must be FRESHLY LAUNDERED and PRESSED (this is very important) or FRESHLY DRY CLEANED with dry cleaning tags.
  • Everything must arrive ON HANGERS (hanging clothes will keep them wrinkle free, and the better your items look, the better they will SELL)
  • We cannot accept any clothes with the following: deodorant marks, missing buttons, stains and/or spots, broken/sticking zippers, pet hair, unpleasant odors {moth balls, smoke, mildew, etc} NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • When you are ready to consign please call us at 410-822-3355 to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.
  • Pick up your CONSIGNOR KIT from us, we will provide a shopping bag and hangers (pending availability) for you.
  • Download the consignor contract and inventory list below to fill out and bring to your appointment.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

During your first appointment we can accept 20-25 hanging items and one shopping bag of accessories. For future appointments we ask that you bring a minimum of 10 and a maximum of  25  hanging items and one shopping bag of accessories.

There is an annual consignment fee of $15, cash or check only, due at your first appointment.

Frugalicious always sets the selling prices of all items. Any information you can provide about specific items is welcomed. 

Please bring your CONSIGNOR INVENTORY list filled out to your appointment. (Downloadable Below)

General Policies

All items are left at owner's risk. While we do our best to safe-guard your items, Frugalicious® assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to merchandise due to accident, fire, theft, vandalism or any other cause. 

All consignors must warrant complete title to the merchandise consigned and cannot hold Frugalicious® responsible for any claim of title to it. Consignors must also agree to not misrepresent a fake/faux designer item as authentic. 

Payout-Check Issuance

Commissions will accrue in your account as your items sell.  Payout checks are not issued automatically, but by REQUEST ONLY for accounts that have a balance of $20 or more.  Check requests must be received no later than the 5th of the month and will be available for pickup by the 10th of the month for the previous months sales.  All requests received after the 5th will be issued on the 10th of the following month.  You can also use your accrued account balance as a store credit for shopping. Any accounts with no activity for more than 1 year will be forfeited to the store.

Coming Soon... Consignor Concierge Service!

How it Works

Once launched, on Fridays, between 11am and 3pm EXISTING and CURRENT (meaning your annual fee is paid up to date) Consignors are permitted to bring a MAXIMUM of 10 items without an appointment.

Our concierge station will be set up for you to:

  • Hang your items
  • Fill out your inventory list IN FULL
  • Attach your list to your batch of clothes & bag of accessories

The Concierge Service works as a "drop and go" self service. We will NOT inspect items at that time, any pieces that do not meet our resale requirements will be rejected and noted on your inventory list. We are not obligated to call with any returns as the concierge station is designed to save time. We are offering this service for our consignors who are short on time as a convenience to you, so  please be sure to triple inspect your clothing for stains and/or damage to avoid your items being donated. A consignor checklist is available for download at the bottom of this page.